Queen of the Quadratic

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Program Ending

Tomorrow is graduation for the kids in the summer program. Those that received the highest marks will be honored amongst all the groups (the program was hosted at 6 or 7 area colleges/universities). Tomorrow will be the first time I see any of the kids from the other campuses.

The site director has asked me to return next year. I had already decided that I want to do it again (perhaps every summer). The only thing that could improve my experience would be better communication on the part of the site director. I was often in the dark about what the schedule was for a particular day, or when I was expected to do certain things. Had I known earlier, I could've planned for them to keep things *just so* as I like them.

Despite this minor annoyance, I want to return to the same site with the same site director and the same other instructors. The program assistants may or may not return. One of the program assistants is the daughter of one of my esteemed colleagues at the high school where I work. She is actually the reason that I took this job. I do hope she returns next summer. She was quite amazing with the kids.

Two weeks more before inservice begins. Next weekend, I'll be taking my family to the coast. It's an annual thing that we all enjoy.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun with the Family

Last week, my out-of-state family came to visit and we all went to a local amusement park for a day of thrill rides and general fun. While there, I saw one of my former students operating one of the rides. I recognized her, but it was rather late in the day and she was running on autopilot (no longer "seeing" any particular person). I didn't say anything because I was enjoying the anonymity. I decided to upgrade the tickets for my family to season passes so we could return and enjoy another day (or ten) at the park. In the hospitality center, the young lady helping me asked, "So how's your summer going?" I thought the question a little on the personal side, but answered that I was having a wonderful summer anyway. She then continued, "You don't remember me?", so now I was on the spot and I glanced at her name badge for help. I looked again at her face and said, "You changed your hair a LOT." though I still couldn't place her. She gave me another hint or two about who she was and I finally came around. I felt bad about not recognizing her, but she really did look very different with her hair cut.

I plan to return with my family in about 10 days. We'll have a short day at work (just to finalize grades and such) and then we can enjoy another day at the park.