Queen of the Quadratic

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Call a Stone a Stone

Recently, I commented on another blog about some frustrating experience dealing with students who have IEPs. Upon a second visit to the blog, I found that another person had made a comment about my comment saying that I was being derogatory to the student with the terminology that I used. I'm getting a little tired of calling a stone a stone only to have it flung at me by someone insisting that it be called a rock because stone has some negative connotations in their mind.

Let's quit pretending that we can fix a problem by changing the name of it. We need to stop inventing new vocabulary just to keep *some* special group happy.

Said person posted a link and suggested that I peruse it, which I did. The article was penned by a person that apparently makes a living inventing new terminology to make other people feel better.

I opted not to reply again. It is pointless to talk to that person as I'll just continue to be told that I need to use his/her invented phrases in place of the concise terms I would normally use.