Queen of the Quadratic

Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Job Bliss

I took a position teaching a course called "Logic" on one of the college campuses here in town. The students range from entering 7th grade to entering 9th grade and have enrolled in this program by choice (for the most part). The students are absolute angels. They aren't always the best behaved (especially the just past 6th grade group) but they are SO smart. I didn't know there were so many kids like that out there!

I'm having a wonderful time with this position and the pay is phenomenal. I teach only three sections and it's all the same course. The kids do the homework and they come to tutoring. I'll be giving the first test tomorrow and I think they are going to do wonderfully.

This summer job is a dream job. I think I'll make it a regular summer occurrence.