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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Last night, I arrived home around 7:45 or so after another gruelling week. I was recruited again by the AVID program teacher to tutor her students who are in pre-Calculus and Calculus this year. It is a treat to work with those kids, and since I could use a little extra pay, I agreed to do it two days a week.

Fridays always have me coming home late because I coach the UIL math team and our regularly scheduled meeting time is Friday after school until 6:00. I also truly enjoy working with these kids and look forward to Friday for this moreso than the fact that it marks the beginning of the weekend.

It seems that weekends are just changing the venue for my work. I haven't been able to spend but ONE day relaxing since school started, and that was because we had Labor Day off. The next "holiday" is Columbus Day and is a scheduled workday for the faculty.

My husband ran a hot bubble bath for me last night and forced me to go in there for awhile with a Reader's Digest (that had just arrived by mail) and a bath pillow. The water was scorching hot and I was a smidge annoyed at first but decided to cook myself anyway. When I finally got about (nearly 45 minutes later) I felt like jello. It is positively amazing how much stress a person can bear without even realizing it.

The icing on this cake is... today ALL of my children are not at home. The teen spent the night with a friend and is enjoying the day there too. The four youngest are out at Sea World with their grandpa today. I can't even remember the last time hubby and I had a day alone together. I also can't remember needing a day off so desperately.

I think I might be able to face the coming week with my trademark characteristic zest after this lovely day.


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