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Saturday, September 23, 2006


We have a strict cell phone policy on our campus. Phones are not allowed to be in view from the first bell in the morning to the last bell in the afternoon. Naturally, the students see this as totally unacceptable.

During fifth period yesterday, one boy who sits in the back had his phone out and was doing something with it. He was of course being oh so "clever" by hiding it under the desk, as if I wouldn't know what he was doing directing all of his attention to his hands which were in his lap. I told him I would have to take the phone. He argued, begged, pleaded. I offered to write him a referral and let him turn the phone in himself and face other consequences as well as losing the phone. He still begged, so I turned around and walked back to my desk to get a referral form. He walked over and acted as though he would hand over the phone again, but pulled back at the last minute. I went back to writing the referral. He the put the phone on my desk. I put it in a drawer and went on with my lesson.

He asked about it several times, and I informed him that an office referral would follow the next mention of the phone. He dropped it.

At the end of class, he apparently took advantage of the chaos of the herd and TOOK THE PHONE OUT OF MY DESK! I feel totally violated. I wrote him up, and I am near the point of wanting him removed from my class. I cannot even describe how furious I am.

I wouldn't have caught it until the end of the day if I didn't have to take another phone from another student during the next class period. This other student handed it over without a fight and just asked when he could pick it up from the office.

I can't understand what goes through these kids heads. I think I was convinced that my hands would rot and fall off if ever I touched a teacher's desk, but this kid felt it was okay to OPEN IT and TAKE SOMETHING OUT! I am mad beyond belief.

I hope they throw the book at him.


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