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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Wind Dies Down

I haven't heard any more about how condescending I've been (or am being). This is probably a result of my lack of comment at all, and my nature of pre-writing tests/quizzes and such and then sharing them with everyone for review/revision/and mutual use. Perhaps the previously unhappy nay-sayer has found a "buddy" who is not condescending to take advice from.

My students are WONDERFUL. We have already had some superbly invigorating lessons and discussions and I am hearing over and over again "OH! Now I get it!" It is truly a wonderful feeling.

Monday, I'll start teaching systems of equations. We'll start with graphing and the next day learn to solve them algebraically. I always found this topic to be a LOT of fun, and my kids who have always been "good" at math will have a chance to shine. This is also the section where I have students start saying, "You know, this is kinda fun!"


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