Queen of the Quadratic

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm finally feeling like my Geometry students might be learning something. The curriculum is still a complete mess, but I feel like I might have worked a little of my magic in engaging them. Perhaps it is just that we have arrived at a more favorable topic.

Today was magical day in Algebra 2. I was teaching factoring out the GCF from polynomial expressions. The students seemed really "into" the topic and they were asking the really good questions. I am excited about continuing with all the various faces of factoring that we are approaching.

Today was a cold day (by the standards down here). The high was only 70 degrees and I wore a sweater and scarf ensemble. My juniors commented that my outfit was "festive" while the sophomores simply asked (and this was at least one per period) if it was really cold enough for a scarf!

Down here, it never gets "cold enough" for those accessories, so I have to wear them when it dips into the 60s.


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