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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Open House

Starts at 7 PM. We shuffle the parents through all 8 periods, spending 7 minutes in each class with 6 minutes for them to get from one class to another. I thought.... "I'll prepare a presentation that lasts roughly 7 minutes to prevent these people from trying to corner me into an impromptu parent conference. So, I put together my presentation.

I have conference and lunch back to back, so I thought I'd have a few minutes to grade papers, relax, catch my breath...etc. Since I was in my room, I had ONE parent show up for each my conference and my lunch period who wanted to get home a little early to catch some TV show (groan). So, in addition to the 6 presentations I gave throughout the day for my actual classes, and the six presentations I gave to the people that arrived at the right time, I had to give 2 personal presentations. Do some quick math.... 14 presentations in a single day!

My plan to avoid the on-the-spot conference was also a failure as those that wanted to have that just hung around after it was time to go to the next class to ask me about the kid's grade/behavior/weaknesses/or whatever.

I really abhor this practice. It is simply cruel to make us do this every year.


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