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Friday, December 12, 2008

Like a little cheese with that....


I have a kid who whines about everything. He didn't do well on either of the tests this marking period. I gave an extra credit opportunity last week and he didn't turn one in. He came to me today (progress reports went out) and asked what he could do to bring his grade up. I asked if he had done the extra credit and he said, "I didn't know how to do it." I asked what he had done to try to understand and he said that he was too busy for that. I told him to go ahead and do it and turn it in to which he reiterated that he didn't know how. I informed him that he needed to learn how to do it. He then got a little snotty and asked if I could just give him something else to do!

My response, "I refuse to work harder so you don't have to. I've made an offer. You can either take it or leave it."

He huffed and walked away, then later in the period asked me to help him understand it.

This kid has whined about everything all year long. He is bordering on being kicked from my class as he is apparently not happy and making me equally unhappy. He has an excuse for everything and apparently feels like everyone else should do everything for him.

To make matters worse, he is in the class period that I have with the most dead-beats and slackers I've ever seen compiled in a single room. That class always leaves me in a rotten mood. Lucky for me, the next two classes are delightful bunches with great work ethics and melodious personalities. If that class were my last of the day, I'd never have a pleasant evening.


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